Anise, Vanilla & Juniper Handmade soap

  • Material: Plant oils, essential oils, Propolis
  • Weight, kg.: 120g
12 CHF 20 CHF

The wonderful composition of essential oils together with small pieces of propolis in this soap with scrubbing effect brings a great feeling of health and well-being.The healing properties of Anise oil are invaluable. The essential oil has a sweet warm herbal scent. Has antiseptic action, increases mental and physical power, relieves neuro-emotional stress.The sweet, warm aroma of Vanilla essential oil has an excellent soothing and relaxing effect. It envelops with a feeling of calmness, harmony and security, brings a good mood.

Juniper essential oil calms the nervous system, helps falling asleep.

Propolis ("bee glue") is a resinous substance produced by bees, from sticky spring buds substances, trees pollen and special enzymes. Bees make propolis to protect the hive from infection, and ingress of foreign substances.
Since ancient times, people have used propolis as a natural antibiotic in the treatment of various diseases. Propolis has a pronounced antibacterial, healing, antimicrobial effect, and the strongest antiseptic properties,Our soap is made by the old, cold and hot, time-consuming method that allows keeping the intensity of the smell and all the wonderful properties of the oils. Each batch of our soap (10 pieces) is made separately. While making our soap we use only high-quality ingredients and essential oils that influence a person’s organism as aromatherapy (affect physical, mental, and emotional bodies).

100 years ago only wealthy people had the possibility to use natural soaps. As true, proper soap is a high-quality cosmetic product.

Soap will last longer if kept dry between uses (in a ventilated soapbox). Please use a draining soap dish and keep it away from direct streams of water.
Wooden draining soap dish is included in the kit!

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