Eye Pillow with Organic Wheat, Rice and Lavender, for Yoga, meditation and relaxing

  • Material: Organic wheat, Lavender and Rice, 100% Cotton
  • Weight, kg.: 180g
20 CHF

This fun and cheeky Eye Pillow has been handcrafted with 100% Cotton and organic Lavender Buds, Flaxseed and Rice. Lay back and enjoy the comfort and relaxation it brings to your mind, body and soul. It provides a gentle pressure which relieves tension, blocks out the light and calms the muscles of the eyes.Perfect warmed, cooled or room temperature

- Relaxation
- Headaches
- To calm the mind
- When cooled helps with reducing puffiness and energising the eyes
- When heated helps with sinus problems

Size: 9 x 19cm
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