Eye Pillow with Organic Wheat, Rice and Lavender, for Yoga, meditation and relaxing

  • Material: Organic wheat, Lavender and Rice, 100% Cotton
  • Weight, kg.: 180g
  • Size, cm.: 19.00
20 CHF

This beautiful Eye Pillow has been handcrafted with 100% Australian designed Cotton and organic Lavender Buds, Flaxseed and Rice. Lay back and enjoy the comfort and relaxation it brings to your mind, body and soul. It provides a gentle pressure which relieves tension, blocks out the light and calms the muscles of the eyes.
The fabric is designed by Jocelyn Proust. She is known for her artwork featuring Australian Flora and Fauna.

Perfect warmed, cooled or room temperature

- Relaxation
- Headaches
- To calm the mind
- When cooled helps with reducing puffiness and energising the eyes
- When heated helps with sinus problems

Size: 9 x 19cm
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