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Guide to a shopping at


We make shopping comfortable for you – all you need to do is browse the items on offer, pick the ones you want to buy and add them to the basket. You can buy items from one, or a number of sellers, and there is no limitation on how many items you can order at any one time. You can browse by items by colour, price, category or you can browse only by items from your favourite artist by clicking on their profile.

When you check out, you send an order to a seller, who then needs to confirm it. After you receive confirmation and payment details from the seller (by email or SMS), you pay for your purchase (incl. postage fee) directly to the seller's bank account, unless agreed otherwise. Your order will be sent as soon as the payment is received. All prices are in Swiss francs and as a buyer you only pay for the ordered items – you do not pay any usage fees to us.


Shopping summary in four simple steps:

1. Order

Browse and add item to the basket. When you are happy with the items in the basket, proceed to the checkout, go through the checkout process (check the goods, delivery address, email) and send the order.

2. Order confirmation

Order is valid only after it's been received and confirmed by the seller/sellers. Wait for the confirmation, and if you have ordered items from more than one seller, expect all of them to confirm your order.

3. Payment

After the order has been confirmed you will need to send payment. The payment is sent directly to the seller, either to their bank or PayPal account. You will receive payment details by email or SMS.

4. Delivery

The seller/sellers will send your order as soon as they receive the payment. You will get confirmation by email and many sellers even include a tracking number for your package. You will find an electronic invoice on your Profile under the “Orders” section.


International sales

We welcome users from all over Europe to participate in shopping at the For international payments you can either pay directly from your bank account by using EBAN/SWIFT (if you are unsure what these are and where to find them please contact your bank), or you can use the PayPal system.

When you choose PayPal, the buyer and the seller need to be both PayPal users, or you can use the PayPal payment gate which allows you to pay by card without registration with the PayPal system. All you need to do, is to click to a payment button at the order and fill in your card details.

Only users from the Swiss confederation can sell on


A word on trust

We want to build trust between the buyers and sellers, so there is a public rating system in place. You have an opportunity to rate each other (a buyer rates a seller and vice versa) and this helps others to decide who to trade with. Don't be shy and let everyone know of how your order went – did the seller communicate promptly? Did your items arrived well packed and in no time? Did the seller react to your objections or did they not communicate whatsoever? You can share your experience by leaving positive or negative ratings. Obviously new users have no ratings.