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Where to sell handmade products in Switzerland?

There’s a certain allure to handmade products. They’re unique, personal, and creative items that give an essence of art and culture that most mass-produced items don’t possess.

Many people seek out handmade products for their home, wardrobe, and for gifting to loved ones. If you are a talented and creative artisan with a promising catalog of handmade products, you might be wondering where to sell your handmade products in Switzerland?

Handcrafts.ch might be the ultimate marketplace for you to ply your goods.

Why should you choose Handcrafts.ch?

Handcrafts.ch is a dedicated online platform that promotes handmade goods. In fact, we provide several language options on our platform including French, German, English, Russian and Italian. These consumer bases are a large part of the Swiss market. With such a broad reach, it’s a great way to gain recognition and sales for many up-and-coming artisans. Apart from market scale there are also many other advantages such as:

  • We promote your products for you
  • Our primary goal is to help Swiss creators build a strong business and become independent
  • We care about Swiss artists and would love to promote their work in Switzerland and abroad
  • Our fees are minimal and pocket-friendly. There is a one-time non-refundable fee of 0.25chf for publishing 1 product, and in case you sell something, we will charge a 10% commission.
  • Our website user interface is simple and easy to set up and manage
  • We feature products from a variety of categories from health and beauty products to home décor and more

How can you make money from selling your handcrafted goods?

Selling handcrafted products like any business takes some time to research. Before embarking on such a venture, it’s a good idea to find out what type of product garners the most sales. Handcrafted jewelry, for instance, is a widely sought-after item because it plays a significant role in fashion and personal styling and is a go-to gift idea.

Once you have figured out what type of product you want to craft, you need to market and advertise your catalog. Today, social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are great outlets to showcase your product. You can find many artisans on Instagram whose work has brought them recognition and success.

handmade swiss jewelry

What’s the best sales strategy to sell products in Switzerland?

The Swiss handmade market is full of incredibly talented creators.

However, diving into the market without a plan can make your venture flop.

Therefore, to become a successful entrepreneur and earn a decent living selling your products, you need to follow some basic sales strategy rules.

Your strategy should include the following essential attributes:

1. Settle the Price Policy

It is vital to set the right price. Many creators often underestimate their hard work and sell at low prices. It can be a disadvantage to an artisan because it takes time to produce unique pieces.

Therefore, time is money, and you should put value into the time you spent creating your items.

Underselling is just as bad as overpricing; thus, setting the right price will require assessment, such as the materials used and the labor or effort to produce.

2. Create the Strategy & Plan

Make your strategy and plan – Creating an organized plan will help you track your goals, inventory, and clientele. Means using planners, computer and mobile apps and other administrative tools to help you stay focused and meet your milestones.

3. Know the market

You have to do a little research to know your competitors and buyers. It includes pricing mechanisms, marketing, and advertising.

Knowing your customers is important; you have to know how to make your products appealing to your target audience.

4. Represent your products well

Photos play a significant role in the customer’s decision process.

People judge by eyes. Primarily if you sell online.

Don’t sacrifice the quality of your photos. It helps if you have access to or can invest in a good camera or phone with exceptional camera quality.

The layout, lighting and props used in your photos must also be tasteful and aesthetically appealing.


5. Describe your product

Tell the story of your product. People love reading, and they are curious to know everything about the product as they are buying something online and cannot touch or feel it.

Provide in-depth descriptions about the product and how you made it, including what materials you used and how much love and care you invested in it.

Being transparent about your product removes any doubt a buyer might have and be the key to getting you sales.

Is there still a market for artisan goods today?

swiss handmade products

Artisan goods are sought after for their unique qualities and personalized touch.

Mass produced, factory line items lack this authenticity and flair. Therefore, many people will be drawn to handcrafted products.

A lot of handcrafted products also use materials that are eco-friendly, free from harmful chemicals and are recyclable.

In a world where many people are becoming more environmentally conscious and mindful of the products they consume and use on a daily basis, there is still a big role for handcrafted items. 

Every year consumers face the same problem of finding a special gift for their loved ones and search more and more for something original.

There are hundreds of great ideas from the artisanal market. Unlike commercialized products, artisanal goods can be personalized, which give them uniqueness and originality. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to many lockdowns and closure of physical shops and farmers markets. However, online platforms such as handcrafts.ch still provide you, the consumer, access to hundreds of handcrafted goods and services from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you are an artisan wondering where to sell your handmade products in Switzerland or a person who is searching for the perfect gift for a friend’s birthday, we’ve got you! Our network aims to provide the best quality products from talented merchants who we trust and support!

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