For sellers

Guide to selling at



How to sell with us?



1. Register.  

Go to the right top corner and click on SIGN UP. 

Select "Seller" and fill up all necessary information 


2. Activate your account.

Go to your mailbox and click on the link you received to activate your account.


3. Verify your shop.

Login to your office and go to the settings.

Add your phone number and click on the below button to verify your number. 

Add your profile picture and description. 

Click on - "Save changes".


4. Sell your crafts

Click on add product.

Fill up all necessary information. 

Upload the photo

Tick the box "By publishing this product I accept a single non-refundable fee of 0.25 CHF"

Publish the product 


When you insert pictures of your products please ensure that they are accurate and of good quality. We only accept pictures with JPEG of JPG format with minimum resolution of 500x500pxs, and we also recommend cropping your pictures into a square format because the system does it automatically anyway, and by doing it yourself you don't risk cropping part of your product in the process. We recommend that you educate yourself on picture taking as they are a significant part of your success. If you are a beginner at picture taking, for a start, take pictures with a single colour background.

Even though pictures are worth a thousand words, they just won't cut it. Write a short description of every item you present and let the buyer know about its uniqueness in terms of material, colour or surface treatment. However, please do not write any of your personal or contact details (email, own website, other e-shop) as this is prohibited at our website.

You are solely responsible for dealing with any potential disputes caused by inaccurate and misleading photos and product description.


Information about your sales can be found after logging in at the right upper corner under the “Sales” section.



How you pay for our services?

By inserting your products at the, you agree with our charges and fees.

First your 50 products you are able to publish absolutelly for free. After publishing your first 50 products, by placing any extra item at, you agree to a one-time fee of 0,25chf per item.

For any items sold, we charge you an additional 5% commission fee of the product price (postage not included) for providing a mediating service between you and the buyer. Commission fee is charged every month, 15 days after account monthly statement and it is based on the number of items you sell. You can pay us either directly to our bank account or by postal order. More information including printable invoice and detailed payment overview can be found on your profile under the “Commission” section.

If you do not pay on time, you may be disciplined by us and your account may be cancelled indefinitely.



How to deal with problems and difficulties?

We do our best to run this place smoothly and hope you will enjoy your trade activities here. If you, however, have any difficulties or problems, do not hesitate to contact us by our contact form. You may also find useful advice at the Help section.