About us

Welcome to Handcrafts.ch!


We are a virtual market place where you can sell and buy original and handmade items – anything from original fashion, accessories, recycled items, vintage to art!

Are you not into making things yourself, yet you like original pieces? Would you like to connect with and support local artists and designers? Or are you a creative and artsy person looking for ways to reach out to people and sell your creations?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you have come to the right place.

When we did our market research survey, we found out that Switzerland is a country rich in creative people whose work is unique in terms of clothes, fashion jewellery and home decorations. However, these artists mostly sell their products via foreign mediators abroad because the opening of their own e-shop may be too demanding on time and finances, especially if a seller only sells a few units, it is not worth the effort. It is only through financial investing and a wide offer of goods that may guarantee a success on the market. And what about artists who may be creative but do not have access to such resources? What about their dream to make a living of doing what they like? Well, we are here for them. Let us take care of the product marketing and promotion while you can do what you love - creating and offering your products.



Who are we?


Handcrafts.ch is an online marketplace that allows its users to purchase and sell original handcrafted and artistic items produced by vendors or their teams themselves. Most of the products offered on handcrafts.ch are original or from limited collection, which makes this place great for finding unique items.

We provide the venue and connect the producers (artists, producers, designers or any creative crafty people) and buyers (anyone who is interested in original and unique items). Handcrafts.ch mediate the sale of products between the buyers and sellers.

Our goal is to unite all creative artists and support a home market in the Swiss confederation. That's why all the products you can find here are 100% handmade and produced in Switzerland (with the exception of vintage items, see Vintage product characteristics here).



How does it work?


It is pretty simple to buy and sell at our website just like in any other online shop!

As a buyer you go to Handcrafts.ch and browse by the items on offer. Items you like, you add to the online basket and when you are done browsing, you can proceed to the checkout. By checking out, you send an order to a seller (or sellers) who confirms it. After you receive an order confirmation, you pay for the items directly to the seller's account and just wait for your items to arrive!

Good news is, there are no complicated procedures for sellers either. Sellers will be informed by email about an order coming through and after it's approved and payment received, the seller will send the goods to the buyer. And it does not end there... we will help you keep it simple by other additional features and services, such as an automatic invoice system, visitor statistics, advanced items maintenance and a detailed overview of sales.


Your amazing journey with us starts with registration

The registration is mandatory only for sellers.

Buyers can register an account as well – it is not mandatory for them, but highly recommended.

Don't worry, your data is safe with us, your information is strictly confidential and we'll protect it so no other user gets access to it (besides your business partners). You will fill in and send an online registration form and complete the registration by a confirmation email that we send to you. No registration is complete without confirmation so please pay attention when filling in your email address.



Some additional info about handcrafts.ch:


* Handcrafts.ch is the first website of its kind in Switzerland that unites artists from all cantons and is available in all language versions (French, German, English, Italian, Russian)

So are you in? Let's get you registered.