Handmade wooden color sorting pegs Montessori toy

  • Material: eco wood, birch wood, non-toxic paints
45 CHF

Wooden color sorting pegs Montessori toy Handmade

Are you searching for an excellent gift for a toddler? This Montessori wooden toy will be the perfect gift idea. It is a color-matching toy that is perfect for leaing colors as well as matching the colors. This color-sorting peg is made for children from the age of 2 years.

This Montessori color sorting peg was designed for children from 2 years. It is safe because only solid wood and non-toxic paints are used for this toy. There are 7 pegs made in 7 colors: red, sky blue, blue, yellow, green, violet, and orange. Each color has a different number of pieces that can be sorted by the child depending on age/ability level. This color-matching toy develops good motility of hands and tactile sensations, teaches to count, develops logical thinking skills in younger kids, and stimulates creativity in older ones.

What are the advantages of this Montessori toy?
Lea through play. This sensory activity wooden toy is an excellent way for children to lea through play. By touching and holding various objects, they can develop fine motor skills while exploring and working out problems independently. This wooden leaing toy is perfect for children who love to lea independently, so let your baby discover and experiment with colors.

Montessori toys are the perfect way to encourage natural curiosity. Simple, made from natural materials, and functional, Montessori toys are designed to help your child explore and develop their ideas and decisions. By encouraging your child to use their imagination and giving them the freedom to play, Montessori toys help them develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills they will use throughout their life.

Build Nerve Connections in the Brain. The busy puzzles are the perfect way to help your child develop essential nerve connections in the brain. By providing a variety of sensory experiences, this toy helps strengthen the pathways that are vital for leaing and development. The durable materials will last a long time and provide hours of fun and enrichment for your child.

Sensory play that is great for calming your kid. The different textures and colors of the toy would surely capture your child's attention. He would also love the gentle rattle sound that it makes. Most importantly, this toy is made of safe and non-toxic materials, which is great because your child is playing with a quality product. With these busy puzzles, you provide your child with a wonderful sensory experience that he will surely enjoy.

High quality. Our busy puzzles are made from only the safest materials, including wood and non-toxic ink. We only use eco-friendly materials, so you can rest assured that your child is perfectly safe with our products.

7 wooden pegs (primary colors).

· Dimensions ·
Wooden Cups:
Height - 5 cm
Diameter 4 cm

Wooden Pegs:
Height - 5 cm
Diameter - 2.5 cm
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