Insulated Gschwellti choir made of coated fabrics and Insul-Bright

  • Material: Baumwolle beschichtet
  • Size, cm.: 19.00
Shop: natelier
50 CHF

Warming bag for potatoes in the current paper cut patte. This beautiful bag keeps your potatoes for raclette warm for a long time thanks to the integrated thermal fleece (Insul-Bright). Sewn from coated fabrics, it is very easy to care for and the shells do not stick to the fabric. Although the materials are water-repellent, they are breathable, so no condensation should form, even when the bag is closed. The bag part at the top for closure (here red with a Swiss cross) is made of cotton, additionally reinforced with fleece and sewn in a double layer of fabric. The Chörbli can also be used as a utensil. After use, simply wipe it off quickly and the Gschwelltisack is ready for use again for the next time. The volume holds a good 2kg of potatoes. Of course, the bag can also be used as a bread basket and keeps your rolls nice and warm. Also good for bread möckli with cheese fondue! The Gschwellti sack can be folded up and stored to save space! Materials used: Outer fabric made of coated cotton Sack part for closing is made of cotton Inner fabric made of coated cotton Insul-Bright thermal fleece is breathable, retains heat and gives the bag a stable strength Red cords Web band Alpaufzug, sewn on Washable at 30 degrees on the gentle program, please put it in beforehand Give it a pillow case, tu it upside down to dry or put the inside part on the outside!
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