Magnolia - Artisanal Perfume * 100% Natural Fragrance

  • Material: Essential oils blend
  • Brand: Lipa Naturals
  • Weight, kg.: 30ml
50 CHF

Natural perfume, obtained by using only 100% steam distilled essential oils and absolutes.
It's unbelievably beautiful floral fragrance.

Being addicted to perfumes, I spent years in formulating for myself.
Finally, I can offer you one of my best creations.

Due to limited supply of good magnolia essential oil, this is very limited edition.

Top Notes:
Blood Orange

Middle Notes:
Orange flower

Base Notes:

30ml / 1 OZ

✓ Cruelty Free - tested only on friends and family :)

✿ 100% NATURAL, freshly made to order.

Since the perfume will be freshly made for you, once you receive your bottle let it macerate and mature.
This will give the essential oils the time they need to release their fragrant components and the mixture as a whole becomes more homogenous.

This process will take from 2-4 weeks. And then it will be ready for you to enjoy for years to come.

Fragrance (100% steam distilled essential oils blend)
Alcohol (organic sugar cane)
Isopropyl myristate (vegetable origin)

Made with ❤ in Switzerland
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