pair of feather earrings

  • Material: Plumes naturelles, açaï
  • Weight, kg.: 20g
  • Size, cm.: 11.00
54 CHF

This pair of earrings combines beautifully shimmering blue-green pheasant feathers and smaller brown pheasant feathers. They are bo with silver wings and Acai seeds from the Amazon. The buckles are in 925 silver. (on request, possible to change them for gold, with a supplement of 2frs) This is a unique piece, completely handmade with the utmost care, and with respect and love for birds and nature. The feathers are strong and resistant and if you take care of them, their beauty will last a long time! Be careful to remove them before sleeping as they can be damaged when twisted or bent. Run them gently between your fingers to restore them to their original appearance if the feather fibers have separated. My burrowers: I have done extensive research to find beautiful feathers that are not from farms that abuse birds. It comes at a cost (so my feather jewelry isn't "cheap") - and it's really close to my heart! Pheasant, peacock, duck, dove, guinea fowl and hen feathers come from small breeders who treat their animals respectfully and with whom I have direct contact - and some come from my friends' Pro Specie Rara hens. The feathers of parrots (macaws, cockatoos,...) and parakeets come from the natural moulting of birds from the Papagylos refuge in Thurgau (CH) which offers a new life in good conditions to many parrots. The feathers of wild birds (buzzard, jays, tits, ...) are the ones I found in nature in Switzerland. All feathers have been steam cleaned. The seeds were collected by me during my travels in South America and Australia. Some (Açaï, Lagrima de san pedro, Tintoria,...) were purchased directly from artisans living in a small indigenous community in the banks of the Amazon during a trip to Brazil and Venezuela. Each seed has been drilled by hand!
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