Set of rag dolls boy and girl

  • Material: textile, plush, wool, acrylic, hypoallergenic
239 CHF

This beautiful set of Ukrainian rag dolls (boy and girl) will be a perfect gift for your child, but not only. It can be a great gift if you search for an original and unforgettable wedding or anniversary gift.

It is 100% handmade, and it comes with accessories. Those interior dolls can also be personalized and made according to your requirements. You can choose the hair color and the hair length. You can also select the color of her clothes and accessories, such as glasses or a handbag.

They can stand and sit

It is the perfect home decor.
Excellent and original gift idea for anyone
Perfect home decor for a kid's room, office, or living room
Ideal gift for a wedding day or baby shower

Height: 30-31cm
100% handmade

Textile, plush, wool, acrylic, hypoallergenic

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