Soften Like The Rain

  • Material: Viscose Brown
  • Brand: Maiden Mother Crone
200 CHF


Inspired by heaven and earth and breathed into life with great love, our garments are hand - crafted for the feminine in all her expressions of beauty.

Designed in the Garden route and made ethically in South Africa.

Created from the fire of the True heart and a deep love of beauty, our dresses have been designed to support the flowing feminine as she waxes & wanes through the seasons and cycles of life ever changing a golden thread, a golden path, an anchor through the labyrinth of life. We honour the playful season of the maiden, the fullness of the mother & the cycle of the wisening crone.

Following our love of the earth we use natural fabrics and tones reflecting the beauty of the natural world. All of our dresses are made with french seams - a timeless, stronger & more beautiful seam line finish.
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