Cosmetic bag Paris

  • Material: 100% cotton
22 CHF

This beautiful pouch is perfect for keeping all your items organized, like toiletries, makeup, and jewelry. It can also be used as a passport or mobile phone holder. Ideal for daily use and will fit into your bag, so you keep all your necessary stuff with you.

If you are searching for an original handmade cosmetic bag, you are in the right place. This cosmetic bag can be a great gift idea for your mom, sister, aunt, or friend.

This pouch is made from 100% cotton fabric; it is well interfaced, so it keeps its shape.

Approximate size :

Height – 14 centimeters

Length – 21 centimeters

Width – 5 centimeters

Hand wash in warm water with mild soap

Handmade in Switzerland
Original handmade cosmetic bag
Perfect gift idea for mother, sister, friend, lady
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